Sydney North Group

Sydney North Group

The Sydney North Group draws members from an area bounded by the Hawkesbury River on the north to Sydney Harbour on the south and Old Northern Road on the west.  The Group's aim is to provide communication, education and networking opportunities for ISNSW members in this geographical area.

On 4 October 1989 the Sydney North Group held its first meeting at The Roseville Golf Club. The group celebrated its 20th Anniversary at the same venue on 11 November 2009.

The Sydney North Group meets 4 times during the year at the picturesque Roseville Golf Club with an average attendance of 40 surveyors per meeting.  Students are encouraged to attend and do so on a regular basis.  We usually have 2 guest speakers at these meetings providing education and information to members in technical and broad based fields.  The meetings also provide a forum for members to obtain their CPD.

The Group representative on Divisional Committee reports back to members at these meetings on relevant matters and reports feedback from the members to the Divisional Committee.

The Group's contacts are:


Chris Hill

C&A Surveyors


Adrian Hobson



Richard McClenahan

Land Title Solutions Pty Limited

Committee Representative

William Hamer

TSS Total Surveying Solutions Pty Ltd


David Lovell

CMS Surveyors


Victoria Tester

SDG Land Development Solutions Pty Ltd


Stuart McEvoy

CMS Surveyors


Vittorio Sussanna

Spatial Services

Sydney North Group

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