Survey Infrastructure

Survey marks provide a wealth of important information to a wide range of people in the community. They are used to support the surveying of land property boundaries. They also underpin many other surveys such as engineering, road building and mapping.

Perhaps you have a survey mark near your home and never noticed. Most likely there is a survey mark in your street. There are many types and they have different purposes. Some are above ground - some are below ground - all are very important.

Survey marks can be destroyed by development activity such as:

  • Road works and footpath construction
  • Street beautification projects
  • Underground utility upgrade or replacement

Such developmental activity can mean that sometimes the destruction of survey marks is unavoidable.

There are procedures in place for those times when a survey mark has to be removed or replaced.

These procedures and practical advice as to how you can help preserve and protect survey marks are detailed in the Mark Preservation Brochure below. 

Mark Preservation Brochure [PDF, 1.7MB].

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