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Each month the President of ISNSW, Michael Green, addresses the considerations and concerns of the Institution's members and the surveying industry alike. 

Well, September did not go as expected.  The Swans lost their final but what a great Grand Final win to Richmond against the fancied Adelaide team.  However, the North Shore Bombers lost in the Sydney Grand Final and I believe that the Wallabies won a game.  Alas, South Queensland (aka Melbourne) defeated North Queensland in the Rugby League grand Final.  What a crazy world!

The EISSI Awards night was held at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth and attended by His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd), Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Hurley together with about 450 people.  Although we were advised that the venue would take 600 people, 450 was more than enough as even that number restricted movement around the room.  It was a great night where once again we recognised the brilliant projects undertaken by our colleagues.

L to R: Chris Underwood, SG Narelle Underwood, NSW Governor David Hurley, Michael Green & Lynda Green.

As you know a vote amongst Institution members was held to decide the Institution’s nomination to the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information to fill the vacant position created by the completion of a term by Chris Abbott.    The name of the majority winner has been sent to the Surveyor-General who submits the nomination to the Minister.  For the record there were 345 valid votes and 21 invalid votes.  The votes were invalid for a number of reasons such as members were unfinancial, votes were received after the closing date, no name or signature was shown on the external envelope or no inner envelope.  Our thanks to Chris Abbott and Jack Keen for standing as possible nominees and thanks also to John Webber, Wally Knowles, John Blake and Rick Dunstan who counted and scrutineered the voting.

The Institution’s Board has also voted to elect a 2017-2019 President-elect to assume the role of President in 2019.  There were three nominations – John Brock, Leigh Finlay and Neil Kennedy.  Congratulations to Leigh Finlay from the Central Western Group on being selected as the incoming President-elect.

The plan assessment day for BOSSI candidates was held on Saturday 9 September.  In excess of 20 candidates attended and 13 Surveyors assisted in the assessment of the candidates’ urban, rural, strata and identification surveys.  Our best wishes to candidates in their BOSSI exams and our appreciation to those who gave up their time to serve as presenters and mentors on the workshops and the plan assessment day.

Since the last Azimuth, there have been further enquiries about the ISNSW Accreditation process for Engineering Surveyors from possible candidates and also from surveyors offering their support as assessors.  My personal thoughts on this are that if we can locate assessors in regional areas then the process, which involves interviews, need not be focussed in Sydney.

A teleconference meeting of the BOSSI CPD committee was held on Monday 25 September.  Amongst the issues discussed was the review of the current allocation of CPD points as well as the assessment of points for ePlan courses, for informal networking meetings and for presenters at seminars.  The outcomes of the meeting will be formally announced through official channels.

The next Maths in Surveying Field Day at Bicentennial Park Homebush is scheduled for Friday 20 October.  If you feel that you would like to be involved with this very positive experience, Ian Iredale and his team could always do with more field and administration support.  Employers might also consider releasing staff to assist in the field on these days.  This would give valuable communication and supervision experience to younger surveyors.

The Seniors Parliamentary luncheon is scheduled for February 2018.  It might seem a long way off but with the traditional Melbourne Cup/Christmas brain shutdown in Australia between now and February, it might be wise to be alert for further advertising of the date in Azimuth.

Dates to remember:
Friday 20 October 
Maths in Surveying Day
Wednesday-Thursday 24-25 January 2018  Australia Day Seminar
Tuesday 6 February 2018  Seniors Parliamentary Luncheon.
Monday-Wednesday 9-11 April 2018  APAS Jindabyne Conference

We are proposing to change the opening days of the Institution office over Christmas-New Year.  The proposal is to close the office for a week only between Christmas and the New Year.  The actual dates will be advertised in Azimuth.

This is my last President’s Report and there are too many people to thank for their assistance and tolerance over the past two years.  It has been an honour to be the ISNSW president.  My personal thanks to Terina, Maria, Sheila and Tina in the Institution’s office.  We all owe thanks to our colleagues who volunteer their time on the various committees, to those that deliver presentations on specialised topics at seminars and the like and to those who proudly work in our profession for the betterment of our profession.

So that’s it -  adieu.


Michael Green, BSurv MEngSc DipEd MIS
Meritorious Surveyor
President ISNSW

October 2017

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