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Each month the President of ISNSW, Michael Green, addresses the considerations and concerns of the Institution's members and the surveying industry alike. 

At last autumn is with us and we are seeing the end of high temperatures in most parts of the State.

We are pushing on with the Institution’s campaign against the privatisation of LPI and our thanks go to the many members who have contacted their local politicians. It is interesting to hear and see the replies which are largely along party lines although one or two do not follow that trend. On 22 February, Wendy Harmer of Sydney ABC gave us about a half-hour air time to express the concerns of our profession. The broadcast can be found on the Institution’s website if you wish to listen to it. On the same day, Clayton Barr of the Labor Party organised a Forum in the Jubilee Room in Parliament House. The speakers included John Cunningham from the Real Estate Institute, Pauline Wright from the Law Society, solicitor Margaret Hole, Don Grant, our former Surveyor General and yours truly. We each spoke for about 5 minutes and then the forum was open to questions and statements from the floor. The event was videoed and the video can be found on the Institution’s website. At the time of writing this report, Ray Hadley from 2GB had twice spoken against the privatisation. We are endeavouring to arrange meetings with Treasurer Perrottet and Premier Berejiklian. With by-elections coming up in Gosford, Manly and North Shore it is difficult to predict the timing of the government’s next step.

It must be the season for meetings. The March Board meeting was held in Ballina with the North Coast Group. The following announcements were made at the group meeting;

1. The ISNSW Board has decided to advertise for a Communications and Public Affairs Officer. The aim is to increase and improve our communications with members, groups, other associations and the public.

2. There are proposed changes to the ISNSW CPD policy which include the limiting of CPD points allocated to business or similar meetings and also limiting the number of points to be given for the preparation of papers delivered at conferences.

3. The Surveying Practice and Legislative (SP&L) committee is investigating the actual effect of some statements that are commonly relied on by Surveyors on Detail Plans.

4. The Urban Design and Environment committee has commenced its consideration of a new Regulation to the EP&A Act 1979 called the EP&A Amendment (ePlanning) regulation 2017. Members are advised to view the new Regulation which will be on exhibition only until 15 March.

Members are reminded to take their membership cards to meetings. If there is a scanner at the meeting the QR Code on your card will be scanned and the information relayed onto the Institution office to record your attendance and for CPD points.

The cadastral workshops and the plan assessment day for BOSSI candidates have been held and attracted about 25 candidates. There have been good reports from the workshops and our appreciation goes to the presenters and mentors who gave their time. Best wishes to the candidates for success in their exams.

The SP&L committee is putting together a process through which engineering surveyor members holding diplomas can be accredited by the Institution in specific engineering surveys. An article will be included in Azimuth listing the various engineering surveys and outlining the process in more detail, however, we will need suitably qualified people to interview and assess those who apply for accreditation. If you feel that you can contribute to the assessment process please contact the Institution office.

Planning is well underway for the 2017 EISSI Awards night which will be held at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel on Saturday 16 September. Paul McDermott will be the MC. Last year was a fantastic event and there is no reason why this year should not be the same. So now it is up to you to start compiling your projects for assessment.

There will not be a Board meeting in April due to Easter and conflicting dates with the BOSSI Joint Administration Model (JAM) Meeting and BOSSI presentations. The April Board meeting is instead transferred to Friday 31 March 2017.

Dates to remember;

Thursday 6 April, BOSSI Meeting at Queens Square

Friday 7 April, JAM Meeting and Presentation of Certificates at Queen’s Square

Fridays 26 May, 11 August and 20 October - Maths in Surveying Days

Saturday 16 September – EISSI Awards night.

Until next month.


Michael Green, BSurv MEngSc DipEd MIS
Meritorious Surveyor
President ISNSW

February 2017

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