Murray Group

The Murray Group represents Surveyors working in the border regions of New South Wales and Victoria.  Surveyors are represented from as far north as Griffith and Harden in New South Wales to as far south as Shepparton and Wangaratta in Victoria.

Seminars and meetings are held around the region on a regular basis and are tailored to meet  the CPD and FPET requirements for retaining registration in New South Wales and Victoria respectively.

The current executive comprises:


Michael Gray

Gray Surveyors


Karen McLean

National Environment Centre, TAFE NSW


Patrick Esler

Esler & Associates

ISNSW Group Representative

Charles Fransen

Albury City Council

ISVIC Representative

Russell Douthat

EDM Group

The Murray Group was created under the authority of the NSW Consulting Surveyor Association member Mr. Gary Fuller at a meeting held in Wagga Wagga on the 9th March 1978.  The meeting was chaired by Mr. Bruce Leigh-Cooper.  This meeting was mainly made up of surveyors from Wagga Wagga and some parts of the Riverina.

The motivation in forming the group was to provide a forum where Riverina surveyors could come together to get to know one another, exchange ideas and concepts and become attached to the Institution of Surveyors NSW.  At this time a lot of surveyors in the area had little or no contact with the Institution.

The original name of the group was to be "Riverina Group", but having surveyors working in Albury meant that they would also work across the border in Victoria.  The name "Murray Group" was then confirmed and surveyors from both sides of the border were encouraged to join the group.

Having a group made up of both New South Wales and Victorian members was quite unique, as no other group combining two different states existed.  In the beginning The Institution of Surveyors New South Wales and The Institution of Surveyors Victoria were hesitant to approve the formation of a group straddling the border, but this was later overcome when it was realised that the Riverina didn't have enough surveyors to form a group and the Victorian section didn't have enough surveyors either.  Combining the two was the most logical choice.

NSW President Phil Dynes chaired the first meeting of the Murray Group with the focus being "Professional Responsibility".  The meeting was held at the RSL Club in Wagga Wagga on the 1st July 1978.  There were 18 attendees present and Mr. Bruce Leigh-Cooper was elected the inaugural President.  In the early days the Murray Group meetings were a social occasion with members bringing along their wives and children and making it a great social get together.  These days surveyors attend meeting for the same reasons as they did in 1978, but especially to continue their professional development to maintain their skills and to enhance the ability of the profession as a whole.

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