ISNSW Cadastral Workshops Day 2 - Instructional

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31 January 2021
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31 January 2021
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Institution of Surveyors NSW
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January/February 2021 - ISNSW Cadastral Workshops for candidates with BOSSI

These Workshops are offered primarily for those Candidates who envisage sitting for the BOSSI Cadastral Assessments to be held in March 2021.

The provisional program will include the following topics: (This program may vary depending on the availability of presenters)

Day 1 - Instructional Workshop - Saturday 30th January 2021 (via Zoom)
Land Ownership - Old System deeds Torrens Title
Notations on title - Qualified Limited & Current Title
Easements - Types - Creation - Transfer & Grant - Section 88B
Leases - when do you need a plan? - 5 year v's greater than 5 year lease
Calibration of total stations – Use of GNSS in Cadastral Surveys
Rural surveys – Natural boundaries – bank & bed of streams - Accretion & erosion – The Parish Map
Roads –Types, creating & closing including many practical examples.
Successful candidates will also be on hand to present their rural portfolio of plans as assessed by BOSSI.

Day 2 - Instructional Workshop - Sunday 31st January 2021 (via Zoom)
Identification Surveys
Community Titles - an introduction to schemes and plans
Basic Strata Surveys and plans
City Surveys - search - alignments/roads - obstructed boundaries - old system deeds & conversions
Plans - good drafting practice
The BOSSI examination process itself. Successful candidates will also be on hand to present their urban portfolio of plans as assessed by BOSSI.
Attendees will receive a Dropbox link to most of the material presented. In addition, the download will include reference articles and papers on boundary location, rural boundary surveys, old system title, history of marks and marking, the parish map, alignment surveys, notes on survey investigation and identification surveys.

Day 3 – Land XML Workshop - Saturday 13th February 2021 (via Zoom)
Introduction to LandXML

Day 4 - Assessment Workshop – Saturday 20th February 2021 (venue TBA)
Candidates are invited to bring their cadastral project plans along for "pre-assessment" by panels of experienced Registered Surveyors. Details of the format of the "pre-assessment" will be supplied prior to the candidate's attendance at the workshop.

How to Register
Spaces are limited. Register early to avoid missing out!

Cost to Attendees
The workshops are only available to financially enrolled candidates with BOSSI. For members of ISNSW the fee to attend each Instructional Workshop and the Assessment Workshop is $50.00. For non-members the fee for each Workshop attended is $150.00. If a non-member chooses to join ISNSW (within a reasonable period of time) then $100.00 of each of those fees paid will be credited against the cost of the relevant grade of membership.

At this stage we are planning for face to face workshops for Days 1, 2 & 4 with COVID-19 procedures in place. However, should circumstances change we may need to revert to remote webinars.