IS19.94 DM2 - Surveying on a Curved Earth Essential Aspects of the Map Grid of Australia Webinar

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01 July 2020
End Date
01 July 2020
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Institution of Surveyors NSW
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CPD Event Code: IS19.94-DM2
CPD Points: 1 Survey Practice

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"Surveying on a Curved Earth - Essential Aspects of the Map Grid of Australia"

Presented by Dr. Harvey Mitchell, BSurv, PhD, MIS

This is a recorded webinar. Presented live on Friday, 12 June 2020

As the number of users of satellite positioning systems continually increases, it seems to be important for surveyors to retain their authority in spatial positioning matters. This webinar aims to help surveyors maintain their confidence and expertise in geodetic matters, by reviewing how the various concepts and characteristics of the Map Grid of Australia, such as the scale factor and arc-to-chord corrections, arise and how they are all inter-connected. The review does not involve any mathematics. The purpose is not to repeat familiar material about the use of the MGA in the surveyors’ field procedures or office calculations, but to review the more important and crucial characteristics of the Map Grid of Australia, to maintain surveyors’ grasp of the MGA.


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