IS19.51 DM2 - Rural Development Case Studies Cooma Lake Macquarie Webinar

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01 July 2020
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01 July 2020
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Institution of Surveyors NSW
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CPD Event Code: IS19.51-DM2
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"Rural Development Case Studies: Cooma - Lake Macquarie"

Presented by Tony Proust, Meritorious Surveyor and Consulting Planner

This is a recorded webinar. Presented live on Friday, 22 May 2020

The topic – “Rural land development involving two case studies Cooma and Lake Macquarie” – will discuss rural cadastral boundary definition, impact of a bushfire on the cadastre, recent experience of development on bushfire prone land and persuading Council to update its planning rules for rural development on existing rural lots which have evolved from agricultural to rural residential uses.

Topics covered:

  • Finding a lost boundary – Cooma case study 
  • Impact of bushfire on the cadastre 
  • Rural development surviving the recent bushfires – planning for bushfire protection in the raw. 
  • My strategy for appropriate rural development of rural/environmental land – Lake Macquarie case study 
  • Seeking development consent for limited development of existing rural lots in contravention of the Council standard.

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