IS19.95 DM2 - Forensic Fencing The Dark Art of Redefining an Old Deposited Plan Webinar

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01 July 2020
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01 July 2020
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Institution of Surveyors NSW
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"Forensic Fencing... The Dark Art of Redefining an Old Deposited Plan (or The Problem With Using Just the Street to Fix the Street)"

Presented by Fred De Belin, Registered Land Surveyor / Team Leader Surveying - Project Development, City of Ryde Council

This is a recorded webinar. Presented live on Friday, 29 May 2020

Local councils own the land which contains our streets. In the City of Ryde many of the first streets were created well before 1921 and were not marked with anything other than pegs. After 1921 any survey which created a new street was required to place sound and solid reference marks in order to define the street boundary. Obviously, the surveying fraternity rejoiced, in the knowledge that survey reference marks would lead the way in the future definition of these streets. So much have the survey reference marks in Grand Avenue, West Ryde, influenced the current definition of Grand Avenue, that the street is now, with Land and Property Information (LPI) insistence, variable width, contains several dramatic bends and bears little resemblance to the Grand Avenue as created in 1905, which was 66 feet wide (20.115m) and straight for its entire length of about 1450 feet (442m). This presentation investigates whether the fencing occupations, by themselves, can deliver a fix of original DP 4516 (1905), which is in closer agreement than using any of the found reference marks.


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