IS18.45 DM2 - The Hidden Monuments Survey of Parramatta Park Webinar

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01 July 2020
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01 July 2020
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Institution of Surveyors NSW
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CPD Event Code: IS 18.45-DM2
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"The Hidden Monuments - Survey of Parramatta Park"

Presented by Mike Stapleton, Registered Surveyor, Veris Australia (Canberra)

This is a recorded webinar. Presented live on Friday, 29 March 2019

This presentation is about a “Delimitation Survey” of part of Parramatta Park. Where land is not fully defined by survey in a new deposited plan, a limited certificate of title will issue indicating that the boundaries have not been examined in NSW Land Registry Service. The limitation may be removed by the lodgment of a plan of survey, which satisfactorily defines the boundaries of the parcel - a ‘delimitation’ plan of survey.

This presentation is of the delimitation of part of Parramatta Park and the discovery of survey monuments placed in the 19th century, marks which had been not found or ignored in subsequent surveys of the adjacent properties. The consequences of not finding these monuments are hiatuses and overlaps. The presentation discusses how these were dealt with by the Land Registry Service, Office of the Registrar General and surveyor to enable a practical definition of the land to be determined which did not negatively impact on the title of surrounding properties.

Other features of the survey making this project a fascinating cadastral survey, was the existence of adjacent aligned streets and railway boundaries, which added to the complexity of the boundary definition. The survey monuments, as well as other features within Parramatta Park, have heritage significance, reflecting the early development of Parramatta and one of the earliest surveys with a theodolite.


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