The Institution of Surveyors NSW is committed to being pro-active in regards environmental sustainability and making positive contributions by way of the management of its operations and that of its members.

ISNSW considers it has two (2) main responsibilities in environmental management. The first being, leading by example in our workplace, and the second is having an environmental policy with tangible recommendations that members can benefit from in the workplace, and the environment in general.

ISNSW has recently undertaken a Department of Energy, Climate, Change and Water, business energy audit to help identify opportunity for energy savings. More recently recommendations from the report have been implemented. Not only will these measures contribute to a low carbon footprint by the ISNSW office but benefit all members with real energy savings into the future.

ISNSW is very proud of it's Certificate of Participation in DECCW's Energy Efficiency for Small Business program, and unashamedly promotes this program to it's members.

Click here to download the ISNSW Environmental Audit Outcomes

Certificate of Participation_ NSW_Environment,ClimateChange&Water

Secondly it considers it's Environmental Policy as a seed for change for all members being a "matter-of fact" document with real ideas on how members can save on energy use and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The aims of the policy are:

  • Promoting members to contribute to minimising there green house gas emissions on a day to day level.
  • Promoting businesses to contribute to minimising there green house gas emissions on a day to day level.
  • Promoting Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) to the profession and community alike.


ISNSW strongly recommends the implementation of the policies "Guiding Principles", both at work and at home for all its members.


ISNSW Inc is accredited as Energy Efficient



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