Engineering Surveying

Engineering surveyors are engaged in the building industry and can generally be found setting out buildings, bridges, airports, tunnels and other forms of major and minor infrastructure. These surveys are often performed by a Registered Land Surveyor as the infrastructure is related to boundaries in many cases, however this is not necessarily so.

Engineering surveyors are charged with ensuring that buildings are the correct size and vertical, which can be quite a challenge on a high-rise building.

Engineering Surveyors have been responsible for the success of the tunneling operations in Sydney including the Cross City and Lane Cove Tunnels for example. Modern tunneling involves excavation from both sides, meeting in the middle. This has been achieved in all these cases by expert Engineering Surveyors.

Engineering surveyors also undertake the following forms of work: -

  • Construction set out of roads, bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels.
  • Design of sewer and drainage systems (if accredited).
  • Preparation of detail and level surveys.
  • Trigonometrical surveys.
  • Laser scanning.
  • Works as executed surveys (if accredited).
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