Cadastral Surveying

Surveyors are charged with ensuring that cadastral systems are maintained in peak condition. It is these cadastral systems that form a register of property ownership and interests in property such as mortgages, easements and other rights. One of the identifiers of a strong economy is its cadastral system, and the ability to guarantee ownership of property and other rights.

Australia has a strong economy, underpinned by its cadastral system and guarantee of ownership in turn underpinned by surveyors.

Only a registered land surveyor can perform cadastral surveys in NSW and all other Australian States and Territories.

The registration process is operated by the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI) and ensures that surveyors have reached a minimum standard in the core areas of cadastral surveying of Town Planning, Engineering, Rural and urban surveying. Candidates for registration must hold an approved Degree.

Cadastral surveyors undertake subdivision work, mark boundaries, prepare identification survey reports, prepare strata plans, and create easements and rights in land.

Registered Land Surveyors will often be engaged in preparing Engineering plans for roads, stormwater drains and sewers. They will then follow up by supervising construction of the works as part of a subdivision.

A cadastral surveyors work can be used by subsequent surveyors many hundreds of years into the future.

Cadastral surveyors are subject to the Surveying Act, 2002 and are accountable to BOSSI.

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