ISNSW Board Members

Tony Proust FIS
Bachelor Applied Science (Surv) WAIT, DURP UNE 
25 years experience in the land development industry 
Appointed in 2017

Leigh Finlay
Registered Surveyor NSW,  Bachelor of Surveying UNSW

39 years experience in Surveying Industry
Appointed in 2017

Michael Green FIS
Immediate Past President
BSurv MEngSc DipEd MIS

Meritorious Surveyor
Appointed in 2017

Hong Yue
Honorary Treasurer 
Bachelor Surveying and Spatial Information Systems from UNSW
10 years experience in the Surveying and Spatial industry
Appointed in 2018

Graeme Stewart FIS
Honorary Secretary
Appointed in 2016

Dr Bill Kearsley FIS
ISNSW Director
Bachelor of Surveying UNSW, MSurvSc UNSW, PhD UNSW 

Geodetic Surveyor and Senior Computer, Central Mapping Authority, NSW Lands (1963-68), Academic Staff, School of Surveying UNSW (1968-2004), Head of School, Surveying and Spatial Information Systems, UNSW (1999 to 2004). Past ISNSW representative for IS Australia
Appointed in 2004

Jonathan Keen FIS
ISNSW Director
Registered Surveyor NSW & VIC, Bachelor of Surveying UNSW

President of ISNSW 2005 – 2006, 11 years experience on ISNSW board, 25 years company director
Appointed in 1999

Rod Jamison
Cumberland Group Representative since December 2014
Registered Surveyor 7 years : BE Surv & S.I.S.  (UNSW)

Surveying industry ~15 years in private practice

Benjamin Jackson
St. George/Sutherland Group Representative
Bachelor Surveying and Spatial Information Systems from UNSW

Appointed in 2016

Tom McDonald
ISNSW Director 
Young Surveyors Group Representative

Surveyor, Bachelor of Engineering (SSIS) (Hons.) (UNSW), BOSSI Certificate of Competency  

9 years experience in the surveying industry
Appointed in 2014

John Minehan FIS
Hunter Manning Group Representative
Bachelor Applied Science (Surv) WAIT

Grad Dip Ed (STC)
NSW Registered Surveyor No.1641
President ISNSW 2008-2010
45 years experience in Surveying Industry

Charles Fransen
ISNSW Director
Murray Group Representative
Registered Surveyor NSW, Bachelor of Surveying UNSW

Appointed in 2014

Robert Van Der Zypen
ISNSW Director
Southern Group Representative
Registered Surveyor, Bachelor of Surveying University of New South Wales

20 years managing small-medium size survey practice including 7 years as company Director, Chairman Southern Group (2010-2011 term)
Appointed in 2012

Neil Kennedy
ISNSW Director
North Coast Group Representative
Registered Surveyor, Bachelor of Surveying (Hons.) (U Newcastle)
30 years surveying experience - 15 years as Managing Director of medium size private practice
Appointed in 2014

Mike Rutlidge
Seniors Group Representative
Practicing surveying for 41 years - Retired
Appointed in 2012

William Hamer
Sydney North Group Representative
Registered Surveyor NSW
Licensed Surveyor Victoria
B.Eng (Geomatics) UNSW
Committee member & Secretary of Sydney North Group 6 years.
Over 20 years industry experience with 6 as a director of a small survey practice.

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