Benevolent Association

The Institution of Surveyors NSW Benevelont Association

The Benevolent Association was incorporated during 1997.

It was formed as a result of the death of one of our members and the frustration of the President of the day with his inability to offer timely and meaningful advice to his widow on the orderly disposal of his practice.

As a result John Monteath sought the assistance of several senior surveyors to form a company and act as directors. ISNSW made a generous donation of seed funding and continues to donate funds each year to subsidise its running costs. The objectives of the Association include:

(a) to counsel, help and advise any member of the Institution of Surveyors NSW Incorporated in need or distress to overcome health and/or professional problems,

(b) to offer advice, guidance and, in circumstances considered by the Directors to be special, financial assistance by way of grants, loans or payments:

  • (i) to the family, surviving spouse and/or dependants of any member of the Institution of Surveyors NSW Incorporated who dies,
  • (ii) to the family, surviving spouse and/or dependants of any member of the Institution of Surveyors NSW Incorporated who is incapacitated and who, as a result, is incapable in the opinion of the Directors, of managing the affairs and welfare of himself or herself or his or her family, surviving spouse or dependants.

Clearly from the above objectives, the purpose of the Benevolent Association is to assist members, be they self-employed private practitioners, or employee members.

In several instances the Association has provided assistance to the dependants of deceased members in keeping practices operating after the death of a member until the business can be disposed of as an ongoing concern to the financial benefit of the deceased member's beneficiaries, or providing assistance in keeping the business operating if the practitioner is incapacitated.

The Association is entirely dependant upon voluntary financial contributions to cover the cost of operating. These contributions have to date come primarily from the Institution, together with several small grants, donations and legacies from members and the estates of members. The ATO has approved the endorsement of the Benevolent Association as a tax deductible gift recipient. The ongoing costs of supervising the operation of the business of a deceased or incapacitated member are generally met by that business.

The original board of directors were:

  • John Monteath (chairman)
  • Phil Hayward
  • Russell Kell
  • Ted Hall

Unfortunately Russell Kell, Ted Hall, John Monteath and Ted Hunter have all passed on.

The current Directors of the Association are:

  • Grahame Wallis – Chairman
  • Jonathan Keen
  • Phil Hayward
  • Graeme Stewart
  • Terina Sawyer – Secretary

With limited financial resources there is little more than guidance and support which we can provide. I have been in contact with the Australian Vetinary Association Benevolent Association and have been given an insight into what they are able to do for their members. This includes providing financial assistance such as assistance with school fees and short term loans to assist widows through the sale process.

Obviously with our lower membership we are a long way from being able to provide such assistance however with a suitable fund raising regime in place we could do more. The AVA constantly advertises for members to leave money by way of bequests in their wills and this could be a way which we could gradually build up our resources. Another source of funding is a voluntary levy on members which I am told receives great support.

The board and the Division feel that the welfare of professional surveyors and their families is an important role for a truly professional institution and would be grateful to hear from any member who would like to assist in building upon the foundations laid by the original board of directors.

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