52nd Annual Institution Golf Day

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Winners from Golf Day 2016:

Old Mug Individual Winner Member (AGU): Steven Jung (hcap 20) 39pts
Leica Cup Runner up Member (AGU): Andrew Halmarick (26) 38 pts

Individual Winner Member (Social): David Bromhead (28 Social) 34 Pts
Individual Winner Visitor (AGU): Brian Barlow (20) 36 Pts
Runner Up Individual Visitor (AGU): John Elliott (14) 34 pts
Individual Winner Visitor (Social): Adam Rezek (28 Social) 40 pts
D Grade Runner Up: Mark Williams 37pts

Regional Group Trophy: Cumberland Group #2: Gary Edwards; Graham Hall; Joe Frasca and Mike Morgan – 32 ¼ pts

Topcon Centenary Trophy: Winner Member Four Ball (AGU): Mike Morgan & Gary Edwards 45 pts

R/U Member Four Ball (AGU): John Harrison & Steven Jung 44 pts
Member Four Ball (Social): David Bromhead & Michael Trifiro 45 pts
Visitor Four Ball (AGU): Brian Barlow & Chris Pragnell 45 pts
Visitor Four Ball (R/U): Daniel Jung & Adam Rezek 50 pts

NTP 9th Div 1 (0_18): Damian Maguire
NTP 9th Div 2 (19+): Brian Barlow
NTP 14th Div 1 (0-18): Phil Bowden (366cm)
NTP 14th Div 2 (19+): John Harrison (252cm)

Long Drive 10th Div 1 H’Cap (0-18): Adam Rezek (247m)
Long Drive 10th Div 2 H’Cap (19+): John Elchah)

Straight Drive 15th Div 1 H’Cap (0-18): Gary Edwards
Straight Drive 15th Div 2 H’Cap (19+): Scott Lord

Click here to view photos from the ISNSW Golf Day 2016

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